Bilingual & Multilingual Online Surveys

Benefits of Online Surveys

Did you know that online surveys offer many advantages over paper or phoned based surveys? Read more...

Quick Tips for Surveys

  • Offer incentives such as prizes to increase participation
  • Keep it short
  • Keep it relevant to your participants

How can I create bilingual or multilingual online surveys?

Interceptum is fully bilingual and multilingual in that you can create a single survey questionnaire and specify all the text for questions and answers in multiple languages. It is then possible to collect a single set of statistical data regardless of the language in which participants complete the survey.

Interceptum will also let you enter the text of invitation messages sent to survey participants in all the languages of the survey.

You can also create bilingual and multilingual Intercepts to conduct bilingual or multilingual intercept surveys. Click here for more information on Website Visitor Intercepts for online surveys.

How do I select what languages are supported in my account?

When you create your free account, you can specify in what languages you want to create your online surveys. If you need additional languages added to your account, simply contact-us and we will add them. We may need your assistance with translation if the language you wish to use is not yet available.

Can I create reports in all of the languages supported in my account?

Yes. When you create a statistical analysis report, you specify criteria for which participants' responses are included in the statistical analysis report independently from languages. Once your report parameters are defined, you can generate the same report in all the languages of your survey.

Creating your bilingual and multilingual online surveys with Interceptum

The Interceptum online survey platform offers a wide selection of features to create website evaluation surveys. You will find all the necessary information to create and deploy your survey with Interceptum on our web site.

Creating bilingual and multilingual online surveys with Interceptum is very easy. All you need to do is follow these simple steps. We also provide a printable getting started guide and a video getting started guide.

  • Create a free account. When creating the account select the desired languages in the list box of languages. If you need support for additional languages simply contact-us
  • Create your survey and questions, and test it to make sure your skip logic is correct
  • Subscribe to Interceptum
  • Send email invitations to your website visitors (alternatively you can use Intercepts)
  • Create a report and see the results


Bilingual and multilingual online surveys are a great way to obtain information from a wide range of participants that is critical to your organisation's success. By using Interceptum to conduct your bilingual and multilingual online surveys, you will collect a single set of statistical data. You will not have to create separate surveys, one in each language, and then combine the results of the different surveys to analyse the overall results.

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