Intercept Online Surveys

Benefits of Online Surveys

Did you know that online surveys offer many advantages over paper or phoned based surveys? Read more...

Quick Tips

  • Offer incentives such as prizes
  • Keep it short
  • Keep it relevant to your participants
  • Focus on what participants find important
  • Cover both what participants like and dislike
  • Do not use on exit intercepts, as popup blockers will prevent many visitors from seeing the invitation

What is an Intercept Survey?

An Intercept Survey is a regular online survey except that participants are automatically invited to participate via an Intercept when they visit your web site. Thus, you can conduct surveys without having the email address or other coordinates of the participants.

Intercept surveys let you leverage the traffic on your web site to obtain information that can be critical to your organisation's success. Web Site Evaluation Surveys and Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a types of surveys that are regularly conducted as intercept survey. They are very useful to obtain information on how your web site can be improved, and once the changes are made, on how well the changes are received by your web site visitors.

Another advantage of Intercept Surveys is that web site visitors complete the survey directly from your web site. They do not have to be redirected to another web site, which can be confusing.

What is an Intercept?

An Intercept is essentially a mechanism that lets you automatically invite certain of your web site visitors to participate in online surveys. When a web site visitor is intercepted, an invitation message is displayed to the visitor directly on your web site (no redirection to another web site or popup is required). At this point, the web site visitor can either accept or refuse the invitation. For more information on Intercepts and the different parameters used to control which web site visitors are invited to participate, read our intercept page.

Will the same visitor be invited to participant in my survey many times?

The same web site visitor will only be invited once by an intercept during a certain time frame. By default, the visitor will not be reinvited before 30 says. A browser cookie is used in order to capture the fact that a visitor has already been intercepted. You can configure how many days must elapse before one of your web site visitors will be intercepted again.

Creating your Intercept Survey with Interceptum

The Interceptum online survey platform offers a wide selection of features to create intercept surveys. You will find all the necessary information to create and deploy your survey with Interceptum on our web site.

Creating your intercept survey with Interceptum is very easy. All you need to do is follow these simple steps. We also provide a printable getting started guide and a video getting started guide.

  • Create a free account
  • Create your survey and questions, and test it to make sure your skip logic is correct
  • Create your intercept and adjust the interception parameters
  • Subscribe to Interceptum
  • Add the intercept's HTML code into the page of your web site from which you want to intercept web site visitors to ask them to participate in your online survey
  • Create a report and see the results


Intercept surveys are a great way to leverage the traffic on your web site to obtain information that is critical to your organisation's success. Ideally, intercept surveys should be conducted on a regular basis in order to monitor progress and the impact of any changes you may have made based on the results of earlier surveys.

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