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Non-Traditional Uses of Online Surveys

The Interceptum Online Survey platform can be used in many ways other than to simply collect feedback from clients, employees, and other stakeholders.

Quote Questionnaires?

When client's need your organisation to provide a quote, you often need to collect detailed information on the client's requirement. Using Interceptum and its advanced skip logic features, it is possible to create a flexible quote questionnaire that is dynamic and will automatically ask your client to provide certain information if it is required in order to give the client a quote.


Many organisations such as non-profit organisations, student associations, professional associations need to elect individuals for certain positions, be it board member, president, vide-president, treasurer, etc. Using Interceptum for elections is very efficient particularly when the voting members of the organisation are geographically dispersed.

Using Interceptum, it is easy to create a questionnaire that will include each candidate’s biography, platform and photo in order to easily present the choices to the electorate. It is also easy to create a questionnaire to elect a slate of candidates for different roles.

Interceptum's enhanced security also ensures that the election is secure and that the results cannot be tampered with. Using Interceptum, you can easily create a questionnaire that can only be completed once per elector. An email message with a unique participation code is sent to each elector. Each participation code can only be used once to vote in the election.

Screening Questionnaire

When you offer certain programs or services, these programs and services may only be available to certain individuals. Using Interceptum, you can easily create a questionnaire that will screen individuals to determine if they are eligible for the service or program being offered.

Testing & Scoring

Using Interceptum's scoring functionality it is easy to create questionnaires that will automatically score the answers of the person completing the questionnaire. Simple tests can easily be administered online.

When collecting feedback, it is very useful to be able to characterize the feedback as positive or negative. Prompt attention should be given to a person reporting negative feedback in order to limit the damage to your brand and reputation. By using Interceptum's scoring functionality in combination with Interceptum's advanced survey actions, it is easy to flag negative feedback and warn the appropriate person in your organisation so that he or she may take immediate action to resolve the issue.

Employee Evaluations

Using Interceptum it is easy to create employee evaluation questionnaires. These questionnaires can be completed by both the employee and managers and be automatically sent to human resources to be placed in the employee's file.

Using Interceptum for employee evaluations provides for confidentiality and speeds of the process of completing the evaluations. Reminders can be easily sent to employees and managers who have not yet completed the evaluation questionnaire.

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